Out in the Wild

by Lo Tide

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released June 9, 2014



all rights reserved


Lo Tide TAS, Australia

Lo Tide continues to grow his sound and following with each fresh release. His latest releases have received a wide array of radio & DJ support (FBI Radio Sydney, 4ZZZ Radio Brisbane, Bandcamp Weekly, Dom Servini, DJ Nartak, Jay Scarlett, SYN Radio Melbourne, Edge Radio Hobart) and picked up glowing reviews & posts from a number of blogs (A Closer Listen, All The Machines, The Music). ... more

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Track Name: I'm Flying feat Natti
Here now we see the sun it’s shining
We’re smiling
I can feel the heat on my skin
On my skin

Ooh I’m flying
I’m flying
Ooh we’re falling
We’re falling

We hollowing our minds and our senses
Turning the nights into days
Throw away the time and our senses
Turning the nights into days

They can’t find me where I’m hiding
I’m smiling
You can’t save me when I’m falling
I’m dying

Ooh we’re dying
We’re dying
Ooh we’re flying
We’re flying

And the days turn to nights
And the nights into days

These holes we dig we bath in
Holes we dig cave in
Track Name: I Need You feat Michelle Lokey
When I'm all alone, I'm chilling to the bone
without you here
I need you

You don't realise, how I fantasise
just having you near
I can feel you

When you came my way
I breathed a sigh
could not deny
what was standing right before my face

I can feel a change
Can't keep it in
Feel it within
Now my heart just can't keep up the pace

Coz it's wrong when you're gone from me baby, ah...
Tell me what you do want from me baby, ah...
Track Name: Silent Plea feat Sophie. F
You aim to find a window
Into their inside life
To get past their shadow
And glimpse into their strife

Where you know no tricks
To read behind a face
You need to show you care
Don't just stand and stare

Based on what you think you know
And let their pain grow
You let the clock tick for the show
As you enter into this and fall

Sometimes you think you see
But you really have no idea
If they are making a silent plea
Or they just don't want you here
Track Name: Sing to me feat Jack Preston
I’ve been waiting for you all night long
When there's nothing to do you’re my song
Like a soundtrack playing in my head
When I’m only waiting for it to end

Sing to me
Sing to me

I never wanted to say a single word
How soon we forget just what we've learnt
With a rush of blood our egos dance and embrace
Undoing all we love and leaving hate...she's leaving
Track Name: Come By Sea feat Jack Preston
It’s time you made up your mind
It’s time you up and left this place
You can face or you can run for your life
You can leave it all behind

If you’re coming over, come by sea
You can fight the oceans by yourself

You can send yourself away
But it will always be the same
And despite your best attempts your here
Your still waiting on the beach