More Than Reality

by Lo Tide

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released August 21, 2013

Written and Produced by Sam Greive



all rights reserved


Lo Tide TAS, Australia

Lo Tide continues to grow his sound and following with each fresh release. His latest releases have received a wide array of radio & DJ support (FBI Radio Sydney, 4ZZZ Radio Brisbane, Bandcamp Weekly, Dom Servini, DJ Nartak, Jay Scarlett, SYN Radio Melbourne, Edge Radio Hobart) and picked up glowing reviews & posts from a number of blogs (A Closer Listen, All The Machines, The Music). ... more

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Track Name: Don't Forget The Son feat Jack Preston
Oh how I wish that you could change

Sleeping through the end of days
To certify her will
This letter will contain
Your jagged little pill
(How to impose your will)

Don’t forget the son
For the end you love…
Don’t forget the son
That sets into your arms
Track Name: We Just Be feat Rob Hynd
You sit by my side, quietly keeping time
I know you're there, You see it in my face
Nothing needs to be said, in this quiet moment
and the peace consumes us both until the end.

Then the time comes, and the undying support you give
Starts with few words, and your hand upon my face
The thought of you here, and the emotion that it brings
Makes me feel like home

The world exists, spinning on around us
But we are still, ignoring the motion
Caught up in all the moment has to offer
We just be

When the final time comes, we move along
Withdraw silently, following others or alone
Aware but unknowing of what's just passed
travelling on to the end.
Track Name: Slow It Down feat Michelle Lokey
It's been a few weeks now, you took me by surprise,
When you showed me how much love was in your eyes,
Amazing me, phasing me,
But can we tell what this is gonna be,

Now I do believe in this love that we've found,
And now you're with me, why can't we slow it down

Oh baby I just can't believe it
Oh baby you're just what I needed x2

You make it clear to me so I may understand
With touches so sweet, your hand is in my hand
Oh it's bliss, when you kiss,
Let's take our time, cus it's too good to miss

Oh baby I just can't believe it
Let's slow it down
Oh baby you're just what I needed
Let's slow it down
Track Name: Lo Tide & Michael Hall - Never Coming Back feat Michelle Lokey
Guess that I'll just put it down
To these crazy thoughts, they're all around,
Empty streets in a darkened town
Just spinning round and spinning round

Clicking double time baby, that's my flow,
Feeling kinda mellow, are you ready to roll?
Just kicking but like a heart attack,
I'm outta here baby, never coming back.

Trying to keep it cool,
Now the world's set itself alight
Pushing and shoving against the tide
You better get ready let's take a ride

Point my head up to the skies,
Makes me feel so hypnotized,
Now the world's set itself alight,
Pushing and shoving against the tide.
Track Name: Fade Out feat Mark Nunan
It's times like this when I can't sleep
Peripheral angst begins to seep
My Edges Blur
Fade and turn

You melt
You twist

Rabbit tongue lost undone
In the night

Fade out

Tell me yours I'll show you mine
There's always reasons why we hide
Subtlety isn't your thing
I lose myself in the semantic dream

Fade out

Borrowed lines
Polished divine
Great find

Lost in transit I could be whole
Don't wait
Stay put
Fade out